Musqueam Heart of the Community Development Plan Concept

EcoPlan updated and modified a physical development plan for the cultural and physical core of the Musqueam’s main reserve, the new ‘Heart of the Community,’ as part of the overarching Comprehensive Community Plan and Land Use Plan. The planning process involved extensive community engagement and consultation to drive a structured decision-making process around community objectives and infrastructure needs. EcoPlan gathered feedback through a community survey, open houses, family meetings, meetings with Elders, and community committees. Project planning was coordinated to take advantage of new opportunities such as Musqueam’s winning bid for the 2010 Host Nations Pavilion to be used as a new cultural centre.

Project work involved a comprehensive modeling, visualization, and layout planning process employing new urban design techniques and technologies. A substantial landscape architecture component focused on integrating environment into the development, reflecting Musqueam cultural values. The plan includes housing, a community recreation centre, a cultural centre, and a waterfront park. Significant portions of this new vision have been implemented successfully, with widespread community support. The community recreation centre, cultural centre and park described in the plan are already in development.