Tla’amin First Nation Land Use Plan

2010 Planning Institute of British Columbia Award for Excellence in Planning

Located north of Powell River, BC, the Tla’amin First Nation (formerly Sliammon) is a dynamic community poised to become the next First Nation to sign a final Treaty with the provincial and federal governments. EcoPlan worked with the Tla’amin First Nation to develop a comprehensive land use plan and supporting development law and zoning bylaw for two reserve areas. The Tla’amin Land Use Plan establishes a clear planning and development review process that incorporates Tla’amin cultural values, respects community capacity, and considers the realities and constraints of Tla’amin’s rural location. The plan establishes a land use policy direction, and describes how, where and when people will be allowed use or develop specific areas by including:

  • Development and building procedures;
  • General land use designations;
  • Teeshohsum Village Zoning;
  • Sensitive and Hazard Area Guidelines; and
  • Sub-Plans.

The planning process began with a review of past planning work and an assessment of current and future needs for housing and community facilities. Land use designations were then generated and reviewed by the community and leadership to determine critical choices and preferences. Community input was welcomed through a series of formal events, such as open houses, but was also encouraged through informal avenues. Project work also included ongoing training and capacity building with the Tla’amin’s GIS department. The Tla’amin Land Use Plan will help Tla’amin move forward with important capital projects and upgrades such as new water and sewer services, roads, and community facilities.