Crown of the Continent Tourism Gap Analysis

Crown of the Continent Tourism Gap Analysis Date: 2009-2010 EcoPlan worked with the Tourism Product Development Branch of Alberta Tourism, Parks, and Recreation to conduct a gap analysis related to tourism products, services, and infrastructure in the southwest region of Alberta. This involved extensive research and analysis surrounding tourism market trends, visitation trends, and sectoral […]

Coquitlam River Flood Management Process

Coquitlam River Flood Management Process Date: 2009 EcoPlan provided technical support and facilitation services in a decision-support project to address flood hazard mitigation issues on the Coquitlam River. This project was initiated following an appeal to the existing Coquitlam Water Use Plan (WUP). A planning process was designed in order to gain an improved understanding […]

BC Hydro Clowholm

BC Hydro Clowholm Date: 2003 EcoPlan provided facilitation and decision analysis support to the Clowhom Water Use Plan Consultative Committee, which came to a consensus agreement on a package of recommendations. The Clowhom Reservoir lies in a steep-sided valley at the head of Salmon Inlet and at the edge of the Tantalus Range, 32 km […]

LED Egypt – Training and Strategi Planning

LED Egypt – Training and Strategi Planning Date: 2007 EcoPlan developed a local economic development (LED) training series in partnership with UN-HABITAT, through a process of research, peer review and field‐testing.

Tourism Business Opportunity Assessment: Trans-Canada Trail

Tourism Business Opportunity Assessment: Trans-Canada Trail Date: 2010-2011 EcoPlan was engaged by the Alberta TrailNet Society to conduct a tourism business opportunity assessment for the Goat Creek to Elk Pass section of the Trans-Canada Trail in Kananaskis Country, Alberta. The project identified key tourism development stakeholders in and around the Kananaskis trail and included a […]

Snohomish, Washington Watershed Plan

Snohomish, Washington Watershed Plan Date: 1991 EcoPlan provided support to a major public process devoted to developing a watershed plan for Snohomish Basin, which includes Seattle, Everett and many outlying rural communities. EcoPlan initially provided training to staff in the use of decision-aiding tools and public process alternatives. Following this, EcoPlan provided on-going consulting support, […]

Musqueam Recreation Plan

Musqueam Recreation Plan Date: 2009-2010 EcoPlan supported a sports facility planning process to capitalize on special legacy funding opportunities, available through Musqueam’s role as one of four Host First Nations of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. A team of staff and community members reviewed possible locations, requirements, and activities for the potential facility. Using technical […]

Musqueam Legacy Funding Decision Analysis

Musqueam Legacy Funding Decision Analysis Date: 2010 EcoPlan conducted a rigorous analytical and community engagement process to determine how to utilize $17 million in 2010 Legacy Dollars. This project involved custom decision analysis and community involvement tools (including personal interview surveys, web-based surveys, focus groups and workshops) to align policy with community needs and values. […]

BC Hydro – Haida Renewable Energy Project

BC Hydro – Haida Renewable Energy Project Date: 2008 EcoPlan supported a structured decision process to develop RFP for multi-million dollar approach to renewable energy on Haida Gwaii.

Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park Area Plan

Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park Area Development Plan Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park (BCHP) is the largest aboriginal-owned and operated tourism attraction in Canada. EcoPlan was retained by Canadian Badlands Limited to identify and assess economic development and tourism opportunities in and around BCHP and the Canadian Badlands Region. Project work incorporated an extensive body of past [...]

Squamish-Lillooet Economic Development

Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Economic Development Opportunities Project EcoPlan conducted an Economic Opportunity Assessment project for the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) to foster economic development and to facilitate collaboration among local governments. The project was coordinated by the SLRD as part of its Regional Growth Strategy initiative, and included many municipal, regional and First Nations governments. [...]

Coquitlam Water Use Plan, Coquitlam, BC

Coquitlam Water Use Plan, Coquitlam, BC EcoPlan worked with BC Hydro to develop an innovative approach to stakeholder engagement for water use planning in the Coquitlam-Buntzen watersheds, located in Coquitlam, BC. EcoPlan facilitated an extensive engagement process, using decision analysis techniques to examine stakeholder values (and tradeoffs between them) in order to identify an optimal solution [...]