Natural Resource Planning

Natural resource planning, including adapting to climate change, is essential to planning for a more resilient future. From water use planning to flood management to parks planning – we apply our analytical and engagement approaches to respond to the demands of a developing planet and a changing future. For example, we work on local climate change adaptation strategies and have created an internationally disseminated planning guide for climate change adaptation for the United Nations. We have a range of experience that also includes:

• Vulnerability analysis
• Adaptive capacity development
•  Scenario planning
• Expert elicitation and impact assessment
• Communications and engagement around the harder questions that climate change poses for all the communities we work with

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Our Approach

Driven by Community Values: Every community is different. We start by listening to community members to find out what is important. Then, we use the values that we identify through this process as a framework to prioritize actions that are appropriate, feasible, and broadly supported. 

Based on Local Knowledge: We work with local people who know their communities and regions and are well positioned to generate practical ideas that make the best use of local assets. We then tap into, organize, and evaluate this local knowledge, using methods and tools from structured decision making to focus investment and energy where it will have the strongest impact.

Expert Supported: We step in where expertise is needed by providing rigorous analysis, cutting-edge research, innovative ideas and over 20 years of experience in the field. We have found that top-down, expert-directed planning approaches work only in unique circumstances and typically do not produce the results communities and clients need for success.

Pragmatic and Effective: Great strategies are strategies that get implemented. We hate to see strategies that are nothing more than laundry lists gathering dust on a shelf. Our approach ensures that the people who will be implementing the plan are involved throughout its development, and that the plan lays out the implementation architecture (i.e., who will be doing what, when). We can also provide supplementary services during implementation, such as project management and coaching. We call this “surge capacity”.